Updates on procedures re. COVID-19 restrictions and MUBC

Congregational Singing

NSW Health has said that congregational singing is high risk and should not take place at this time. They have also advised that ONE person ONLY should be singing on the stage or platform in a public place or worship or at a religious gathering Musical instruments are allowed but there should be no wind ensembles.

These guidelines include both live-streams and face-to-face gatherings.

However, family members living in the same household are allowed to sing together. The Baptist Association ask that we consider this option carefully due to the message it will be sending.


Restrictions on Public Places of Worship

MUBC is permitted to have a maximum of 100 people subject to the 4sqm rule and this number includes staff, children, and volunteers. The 100 person limit applies to the whole of the premises and does not apply to individual rooms or buildings. This ruling therefore includes the Men’s Shed. The space in our auditorium allows for a maximum of 56.


Wearing of Face Masks

MUBC leadership’s current position have decided on the following:

•    If you want to wear a mask, you are welcome to do so

•    There are masks available onsite if you would like to use one

•    The wearing of masks onsite is not compulsory but we strongly encourage they be worn at any time physical distancing regulations could be compromised.

This fits with current NSW Health directives as well as what the Baptist Association has issued as guidelines for churches on this particular matter.


Serving of food

Individuals are encouraged to bring their own food, however individual packaging is offered at various events. When there is food for sharing, one person with gloves and tongs serves the food.

Cleaning protocols

The cleaning of spaces before and after groups is outlined in all rooms and on the kitchen and cleaning cupboard doors. Cleaning before and after with both detergent and disinfectant is asked for, which are provided in each room. A team of cleaners also clean the building once a fortnight.


Attendance Register

At every entry point to the MUBC building, an Attendance Register is present. Everyone who enters the building are asked to write their name, the date, time, contact phone number and reason for visit. These details are kept by the office for 4 weeks, as per the government guidelines. The information is securely stored and is shredded after the 4 week time frame.