Connect Groups

We are keen to see MUBC grow with more and more people hearing about Jesus and coming under His lordship. We also desire for every person to grow into mature disciples of Jesus and be closely connected with others, knowing them and being known.

How do we grow our church and keep it small and intimate at the same time? Connect Groups are the main way of doing this; you meet each week with a small number of people to dig into God’s Word together, discussing, growing in understanding, and being challenged to change and grow.

Connect Groups are where you can love people at church in a smaller context, showing care for each other. We have groups that meet all over the Milton-Ulladulla area. There are groups meeting at night, and groups that meet in the day with child care. There are groups for men, women and mixed groups. There are groups of older people, younger people, and groups with a full spread of ages. There will be a group for you!

Please contact Bernie at [email protected] for further details.