23.9.21 Latest COVID update from Pastor Doug

23 September 2021

Dear Church,
Update from the Pastor

I would like to again update you on some of the latest possibilities facing us. I recognise that the season we are going through has not been easy for many, however I encourage you to continue to fix your eyes on Jesus – the author and perfector of our faith. (Heb 12:2)

The leadership is planning and praying about our next steps in line with all that is going on and the restrictions that we find ourselves under.

It is expected that our state will reach 70% double vaccinated around the 10 October. Interestingly, the 80% double vaccinated mark is expected to be reached only 2 weeks later.
Each of these marks will quite likely have a different relaxation of restrictions relating to them. It is my hope that we will be able to re-start some kind of face-to-face meetings around mid-October. Denominational leaders are together putting their case to the Government that at the 80% mark, an easing of restrictions should occur for those who are not vaccinated, but this is yet to be seen.

I recognise the vaccination issue, and the repercussions that flow from it, can be polarising. Perhaps more than ever, now is a time when we need to extend grace to one another. I recognise that people hold strongly held views on each end of the spectrum but above all love must shine through. It is our love that will show the world we are Christ’s disciples.

I urge you as someone committed to the mission of Milton Ulladulla Baptist Church to be in prayer. Amidst everything that is going on don’t lose sight of the power of the Gospel and the need for us to be careful not to be distracted from our main purpose.

Please continue to encourage one another, taking every opportunity to call, write or text that person, or people, that God places in your prayer and thinking. God is sovereign, in control, able and aware of all that is going on. Lean into Him who is our Shepherd, our rock, our salvation. Keep an eternal perspective with all that is happening. Stay in the Word and remind yourself often of the promises of God. Continue to build a habit of prayer and let others know you have prayed for them. Fill your homes with praise music and sing along.

The Lord richly bless you,