Jesus, in His care for individuals and eventual sacrifice on the cross, gives us the motivation and example to care for each other.

Here are some ways we do that;

  • Meals: Food hampers and prepared meals are available for those in need or who are going through a time of hardship. Please contact the church office
  • Funerals: The passing of a loved one is both a time of grief and loss and can be very unsettling. What do we do now? For many people it is unchartered territory. Assistance at this vulnerable time is something we offer to anyone in need. Please contact Pastor Doug or Pastor Steve
  • Prayer: We pray for the needs of people out of love and care for them, knowing that God hears and answers prayer. We have a committed team of prayer partners who regularly pray for members of our church family. Please contact our Prayer Co-ordinator, Ross Baker, through the office
  • Marriage: Recognising that marriages face enormous stress at times, we try to assist in a number of ways;
      • Using the Prepare-Enrich material we help couples preparing for marriage or those waiting to enrich their existing marriage
      • For those needing care with specific struggles being faced in their marriage, qualified marriage counsellors can be accessed
      • Home Groups can create a place of support and encouragement through relationships
      • The present development of marriage enrichment evenings for married couples

    For further information please contact Pastor Doug or Pastor Steve

  • Practical and Visitation: Practical assistance, the need for a visit, communion at home, reading the Bible, prayer or just a chat with someone is something we are glad to offer to those in need of support. Please contact the Church Office