About Us

Who Are We?

We are just a bunch of ordinary people gathered around the extraordinary news of Jesus. While we have different stories, the main thing we have in common is a desire to know God and the love he has for all people.

We believe that our sin is a huge problem which separates us from God, but that God has provided a solution. Jesus came into the world to live a sinless life, to be a sacrifice on our behalf, and to rise again from death to deal with the problem of sin. In doing all that he offers us new life and a personal relationship with God.

We also believe that God, by his Holy Spirit, speaks to us through the Bible. Because we believe it’s written by God, we take it seriously and use it as the foundation for what we do as a church. On Sundays we spend time hearing what God has to say to us through the Bible and his people, being encouraged and challenged by the message.

We’d love to hear from you, and hopefully meet you in person soon!