23.3.20 – Pastor Doug

Sadly, our Sunday services and church wide programs are on hold at the moment due to the unprecedented circumstances placed upon us by COVID-19. We will update this page with any announcements that change our present situation.  In the meantime, we, as a team, are committed to providing care and support to all who call Milton Ulladulla Baptist Church their spiritual home.

I urge you to reach out in whatever way you can to others.  Let me encourage you as you encourage one another, and please make a practise of praying for and with others as you make contact.  Feed your faith, not your fear even when fear is crying out for sustenance.

What’s Ahead

In the coming days we will move toward uploading our sermon for this Sunday and beyond and will make it clear to all how they can be accessed. DVD’s will be made available for those who do not have the means of downloading sermons. In the weeks that follow it is my hope that we will be able to think creatively about adding music, testimonies, interviews, children’s segment, announcements and other possibilities.

Small Groups

Small group leaders have been briefed about using Zoom and/or other means of meeting without joining in one physical space. We have asked our small group leaders to encourage connection and pastoral care within each group, so that your group becomes the first level of support as you build that culture. Pastor and Elders are ready to assist and are open to contact for those matters beyond your small group to handle. We are, of course, concerned for those not in a small group and are working on ways of making sure all have a sense of connectedness. To that end, if you are not presently in a small group and would like to join or come under the care of one, please contact Bernie Hughes on 0434 497 837 or [email protected]

Connecting with Others

The best way to communicate is by phone, however, if you do need to meet with someone, here are some guidelines to consider under the present restrictions.

  • Don’t cold call, make sure you have contacted the person
  • If you have any symptoms of sickness, even minor, don’t proceed
  • Meet outdoors if possible while keeping a 1.5m (5 foot) distance and avoid contact
  • Keep up good hygiene by sanitising hands before and after

As I have said to others, we are sensibly isolating we are not imprisoned. Take time to walk or work in your garden; get some sun; let Psalm 23:1-3a be your truth; don’t give up the habit of meeting together but invest time to do it differently; sing; reaffirm the promises of God’s Word. Remembering that we are “temporary residents and foreigners” (1 Peter 2:11) and “citizens of heaven” (Phil 3:20)

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Doug Knight