Introduction to Alpha

Alpha Course

Over 15 million people worldwide have now attended an Alpha course, an opportunity to explore the meaning of life, running in tens of thousands of churches of all denominations around the world.

The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith. It’s relaxed, low key, friendly and fun. There is a meal together at the beginning of each session which gives you an opportunity to get to know each other. Listen, learn, discuss and discover, and ask anything. Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or too hostile. And it’s supported by all the main Christian denominations.


“Introduction to Alpha”
Wednesday 2nd May
at Milton Ulladulla Baptist Church

(Cnr Matron Porter Dr & Leo Dr, Narrawallee)

A DVD talk, “Christianity: Boring, Untrue and Irrelevant?” will be screened after which you will enjoy coffee and cake and likely make some new friends. You can then decide whether to continue on the Alpha Course Proper which will start the following Wednesday (9th May) at the same venue at 6.30pm.

Each week a meal will be served, a DVD talk will screen and there will be supper and opportunity for discussion on topics such as:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • How can we have faith?
  • Why and how do I pray?
  • Why and how should I read the Bible?
  • How does God guide us?
  • How can I resist evil?
  • Why and how should I tell others?
  • Does God heal today?
  • What about the Church?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit and what does the Holy Spirit do?
  • How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?
  • How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

The course is FREE. A $5/week donation is optional.

For enquiries phone
Ross on 0412 126 860 or Bruce on 4454 5755